Territory of Hawaii, Oahu, April 6, 1944

As for the Adjutant General’s Office, the old farm was closed some time ago. No more applications are being accepted. The next time someone tells you that men with combat experience are given preference in the various officer’s schools, I hope you will correct them. I know that many of my friends have gone into the J.A.G.D. without even completing basic training. Major Beatty–our S-2, who gave me a splendid recommendation–was almost flabbergasted when I told him my application was rejected for “lack of necessary qualifications.” Of course, that could anything including that the Board didn’t liked the way I combed my hair. As you say, the rejection wasn’t morale shattering for me either. I’ve got a million dollars’ worth of wood will and friendships here and would really hate to leave it behind.


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