Territory of Hawaii April 1, 1944

No shortage of onions here–by golly. I had one for lunch that must have weighed at least 1/2 lb. It was even too much for me. Think I’ll stay with the Army until you can assure me a reasonable supply of onions at home.

I’m now in first place in rifle marksmanship. Yesterday, for the 1st time in my Army career I shot a “possible” — which means all the shots hit the bullseye. This should convince you that I’m in pretty good physical shape — at least eyes and nerves are O.K. anyhow.

Except for the work on the rifle range, however, I have once more become a white civilian worker — with desk telephone, typewriter and all the other paraphernalia. In fact, I have been working in the S-2 office since returning from Kwajalein. I would much rather be working out in the field with the rest of the platoon, however. I can’t get acclimated to office routine any more. I’m affraid the prospect of returning to desk and practicing law is not very appealing. The body exercises I get now is walking to & from the mess-hall & the Sunday volley-ball game. I certainly feel stale without more physical activity. Nevertheless, I’m in pretty good shape — except for being terribly lonesome for you and Wm — cause I love you very much.

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