Oahu: May 3, 1944

Well, if Churchill + Roosevelt + Stalin think it is time for post-war planning, I guess we may as well make a few plans of our own. Much as I would like to take a year vacation, I’m afraid I’ll have too much work to permit it. However, you and Willie + I are certainly going to celebrate for 2 or 3 months. After that, however, I might accept your offer of a year vacation while you go to work and bring home the bacon. I may decide to do some writing and that, of course, will bring no immediate financial dividends, so you better practise up on your shorthand + typing Mrs. Secretary.

. . .

Surprised to hear that you thought I was serious about wanting the war to last long enough so that I could be a 1st Sgt. You didn’t really think that, did you [?] As for being busted, don’t be surprised I it happens one of these days. The boys in the platoon are a pretty spirited + independent bunch when in garrison. In action you can always depend on them to do the impossible + I love ’em all, but in garrison they’re always getting into trouble when I have to intervene on their behalf so regularly, it puts me in the dog house too. You didn’t know that Capt. Clarke tried twice to have me “shanghaied” to another outfit, but Major Beatty stopped it. Now Captain Clarke is out, so maybe I can relax for a while.

As for citations, several of the boys have been recommended for work done on Attu. Maj. Beatty even recommended me. If you were to read his account of my exploits you would have nightmares for a week. I don’t know where he got his information. I tried to talk him out of forwarding the recommendation, but I don’t know whether he did or not.

. . .

Medals have certainly lost their value in the eyes of G-I’s who see them pinned on the chests of so many officers who spent their whole time hiding in fox holes. I’ve heard a whole battalion laugh out loud during a formal ceremony when one of its officers marched forward to be decorated for “gallantry in action.”