April 16, 1944 Oahu, Territory of Hawaii


April 16, 1944 Oahu, Territory of Hawaii

After men have been in combat, they become very intolerant of the minute regulations which were imposed on them in garrison in the States. There, every detail was regulated, including the position of each toilet article—and it was really a pain in the neck. In modern warfare, where individual initiative & intelligence is so important, the army makes a mistake in attempting to impose a deadly uniformity—suppressing all individuality and treating the men as through they were morons.

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As for O.C.S.—I think I’ll forget all about it. Some of the guys who have already passed the OCS Board for Infantry have been waiting for over 5 months now with no results. Besides, I don’t think Id care to be a 2d Looie in a Line Company. A good one usually gets killed, and a poor one gets his men killed—and I don’t care to be in either position. If the war lasts long enough, I may become a 1st Sgt. Or a Master Sergeant—and the pay is about as good as that of a 2d Lt. & the prestige is even higher. So don’t forget to pary for the war to last at least 5 more years.